Custom Products

Many of our customers have unique, high value-added opportunities and may require products that aren’t easily found off the shelf.  VORAGO supports our customer base by providing a wide range of product development services for extreme environments.  Whether you are looking to develop a new design or modify an existing one, we can help.  Our experience covers all aspects of ASIC and SoC design from RTL or netlist handoff to ramping into production. Our ability to use HARDSIL® enhanced processes and our own product expertise dramatically improves the radiation hardness and high temperature reliability of high density ICs providing a disruptive alternative to current COTS approaches. We work closely with our customers and partners to ensure success in any new product development. VORAGO offers the following with our design capabilities:

Digital Design for SOC development

From specifications to manufacturing with HARDSIL®

FPGA conversions to hardened versions for extreme environments

Firmware design from drivers to customized embedded SW

Design migration of existing designs to HARDSIL® enhanced process for extreme environment manufacturing

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