RH-OBC-1 – Radiation Hardened OBC / C & DH Board and Reference Design Kit

Pumpkin CubeSat Kit Bus compatible OBC / C&DH board and reference design using radiation hardened components and radiation effects mitigated design. CubeSat form factor design.

Product Description

Evaluation Board comprising of PCB and Board Support Package

  • All critical components are radiation hardened
  • CAN and UART-to-USB devices have radiation mitigating protection circuits
  • PCB dimensions are CubeSat form factor
  • Pumpkin CubeSat Kit Bus compatible (PC104 connector interface)
  • VA10820 ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller
  • Two Cypress 256KByte FRAMs (CYPT15B102 and FM25V20A)
  • Cypress 32MByte serial NOR flash (CYRS16B256)
  • Intersil supervisor IC (ISL706A)
  • Intersil LDO regulators (ISL502S)
  • Cobham Aeroflex 14-bit SAR ADC (RHD5950)
    • PC104 (CubeSat Kit Bus)
    • Remove-Before-Flight switch
    • EPS board pre-flight power connector
    • JTAG connector
    • CAN connector
    • USB type B connector

Additional Resources

Download Product Flyer Download User's Manual Download Board Support Package Download Design Files

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