SMV512K32 - Rad Hardened 16Mb Asynchronous SRAM

High density 16Mbit Asychronous SRAM manufactured with HARDSIL® technology

Quick Data


Proprietary HARDSIL process by VORAGO


Asynchronous SRAM



Fault avoidance / tolerance

EDAC & Scrub engine, HARDSIL: latch-up immunity

Temperature range

-55 to 125C

Package options

Die, packaged device available from Texas Instruments


> 300K rad (Si)

SER (EDAC enabled)

<5e-17 errors / bit-day

Single Event Latchup (LET)

110 MeV-cm2 / mg

Product Description

VORAGO provides a 16Mb asynchronous SRAM memory running at 50Mhz with built-in EDAC & SCRUB in die form. The space-qualified (QML-V) packaged device is sold by Texas Instruments.

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