VORAGO Technologies Announces Availability of Industry’s First ARM Cortex MCUs Built for Extreme Conditions

Embedded systems solutions designed ground-up to withstand extreme temperature and radiation

Albuquerque, NM — May 10th, 2016 —At the International conference on High Temperature Electronics (HiTEC,) VORAGO Technologies, a leading provider of radiation-hardened and extreme temperature embedded systems technology, today announced the availability of the industry’s first ARM® Cortex® based Microcontrollers (MCUs) designed specifically for radiation and extreme temperature operation without up-screening. Based on the company’s patented and proven HARDSIL® technology, VORAGO’s VA108x0 microcontrollers provide system designers with builtfor-purpose embedded solutions that reduce development complexity and power consumption, while increasing reliability and longevity.

Three key aspects of VORAGO’s product strategy have enabled these advantages:

  • HARDSIL is the underlying technology that allows VORAGO MCUs to inherently withstand extreme temperature and radiation. Now designers can choose a state-of-the-art, embedded processer core designed for purpose, rather than an up-screened closest-fit, off-the-shelf programmable device.
  • The ARM Cortex-based solution provides an extensive ecosystem of tools and software, allowing designers to focus on developing their system rather than writing software from scratch.
  • The new VORAGO MCUs have been developed to optimize power consumption and operate at a fraction of the levels of alternatives. This extends battery life and minimizes self-heating.

“Things just got a lot simpler for designers looking for the best choice in components to use in products that must withstand extreme conditions,” said Bernd Lienhard, chief executive officer of VORAGO Technologies. “With these new VORAGO MCUs, truly game-changing products can now be developed.”

“From space rockets to satellites, mining to medical applications and cars to industrial controllers, a huge variety of sectors are now using ARM-powered intelligent sensors to optimize and improve performance,” said Richard York, vice president of embedded marketing, ARM. “But as our technology spreads new challenges emerge, as some deployments present conditions that could damage a non-specialized device. The expertise brought by VORAGO, a leader in electronics for harsh environments, deals with that as they are expert in ensuring devices can withstand the most severe conditions.”

Distribution: VORAGO's REB1 Development Board is immediately available from VORAGO’s global distribution network.

Product Features: 
VORAGO’s VA10800 Family of MCUs - built for extreme temperature.

  • Guaranteed operation from -55°C to 200°C
    • Uses VORAGO’s proven HARDSIL technology
    • Eliminates latch-up
    • Minimizes leakage at high temperatures
  • Available in die, plastic or ceramic packages
  • Typical applications – Industrial, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Automotive
  • Complete ARM development environment available.

VORAGO’s VA10820 Family of MCUs - radiation hardened.

  • Designed for use in extreme ionizing radiation environments > 300K rad (Si)
  • Uses proven HARDSIL technology
  • Integrated Error Detection and Correction (EDAC) sub-system
  • Integrated Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) on internal registers and circuits
  • Available in die or ceramic packages
  • Typical applications – Space, Military, Aerospace, Medical, Industrial
  • Complete ARM development environment available.

About VORAGO Technologies
VORAGO Technologies is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company based in Austin, TX with patented and proven solutions that overcome the limitations of traditional technology that lead to radiation and temperature-related failures. VORAGO’s patented HARDSIL® technology can be integrated into standard silicon manufacturing processes to enable components to withstand the most extreme conditions, including temperatures beyond 200°C, while providing exceptional longevity. VORAGO’s microcontroller products are based on HARDSIL and are well suited for automotive, energy / oil & gas, industrial, medical, military / aerospace and networking applications. VORAGO Technologies opens up a new world of possibilities for your designs, no matter how hostile the environment