VORAGO's Patented Technology: HARDSIL®

The HARDSIL® Solution

Harden any CMOS device against the effects of extreme temperature or radiation. No longer be constrained by a limited pool of existing components for your design.

HARDSIL is a cost-effective modification to commercial CMOS process flows that can be implemented quickly with minimal incremental mask and implant steps. VORAGO have developed multiple products using HARDSIL and it has been used under license by other leading semiconductor suppliers.

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There is a limited pool of components available that can operate in extreme temperature or radiation conditions.


HARDSIL® Immunizes CMOS devices against high temperature or radiation induced latch-up and electrical stresses.


HARDSIL® can enhance any CMOS device. It is a fully design agnostic process, uses any CMOS manufacturing equipment and process geometry with no negative impact on performance, power consumption or yield.

Markets & Applications

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HARDSIL-based products are an ideal solution for applications in Space, Downhole drilling, Avionics, Industrial, Automotive, Medical and Networking

Satellite systems requiring radiation performance for deep space and long-life missions

Defense electronics systems requiring robust performance and military grade specifications

Small satellites that require robust radiation-hardness on a challenging budget          

Commercial aerospace systems requiring extreme temperature capability